MacroDroid – Device Automation PRO Crack v3.13.19 APK Download

MacroDroid – Device Automation Pro Crack 2022

MacroDroid – Device Automation Pro Crack Apk ( Uncorked) is a great and important software for automating tasks and operations for Android bias that’s a product of the ArloSoft programming platoon, allowing you to define different processes and help Those processes no longer need to go through multiple ways! For illustration, suppose you want to make your prints shake and upload to your Facebook social network or you want to automatically connect or dissociate the Internet if this is the case. With the important MacroDroid – Device Robotization program, you can fluently do this in a classic and simple terrain.


MacroDroid – Device Automation is an operation that helps to perform numerous operations in a completely automatic way for the convenience of druggies in performing their diurnal work or conditioning. That eventually brings optimization in using the operation and the phone for an admiration-inspiring experience. At the same time, the operation also owns numerous rudiments that druggies can fluently pierce.

When you start passing the app, you’ll be presented with a completely sorted interface. The functions are arranged in a fully logical way so that it’s accessible for druggies to search and discover what appears in the operation. At the same time, the operation divides into different tabs and helps druggies move between functions and find what they want.

Accessible TO USE WITH FOLLOWING Drive Way

For MacroDroid – Device Automation, druggies can use suggestions that can be listed in the operation. At the same time, in using it, you’ll also have specific gests to use this operation. It’s followed by specific rules analogous to a statement with conditions that need to be met. So your job is to suppose the conditions you want when you automate.

These conditions are frequently deduced from the stoner’s wishes, and they can come up with their constraints on macros in the operation. Utmost of the statements in this operation is generally realized within three-way. Each step isn’t delicate to use for the stoner, but it takes time to get used to and set the most strict conditions.


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Key Features


  • You can elect conduct and add constraints or variables.
  • It’s veritably easy to configure action settings and import or import variables.
  • Reduce battery drain (like darkening your screen and switching Wifi off)
  • Saving on roving costs (automatically switch off your Data)
  • Adding safety during commuting by reading your incoming announcements (via Text to Speech) and transferring automated responses via dispatch or SMS
  • Make custom sound and announcement biographies.
  • Remind you to do certain tasks using timekeepers and sundials.
  • And much further …

What’s New in MacroDroid – Device Automation PRO Crack?


  • Minor bug fix release
  • Added toggle to enable/ disable HTML transferring mode on Shoot Dispatch (via SMTP).
  • An adjusted issue where icon couldn’t be named on Announcement action.
  • Repaired issue where Take ScreenShot action would shoot the incorrect image on some bias.
  • Set issue where If Verified action would not work right if invoked when the screen is out.
  •  an issue where some UI Interaction gesture values would not create the correct value.
  • Other small fixes.


Pro Features Uncorked

  • Advertisements are fully removed,
  •  Analytics are blocked
  • Languages de, en, es, fr, it, pl, pt, ru, UK
  •  CPU armeabi-v7a x86

How To Install MacroDroid – Device Automation PRO Crack?

  • Download and Install APK From The Links Given Below
  • Renew Your Device
  • Done, Enjoy

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